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Sexy Female Art/Cosplay/Glamour
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Copyright 8 by Th3EmOoprice list scroll 
If you want to use my drawings you have to ask me first via note to set where else will them be posted and make sure proper credit is given. :meow:
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SFcommissionsheet102015 by StormFedeR


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hapee nuu yeeeerrrrrrr :P
Sat Jan 2, 2016, 6:17 PM
yay! May the Force be with you! ^_^
Wed Dec 16, 2015, 7:22 PM
May the Force be with you Scoll Hunters! ^_^
Tue Nov 10, 2015, 3:08 AM
Good luck on people trying to get a scroll today
Mon Nov 9, 2015, 8:52 AM
Next raffle and campaign announced!
Fri Nov 6, 2015, 3:37 PM
Good luck to everyone trying to get a Blue Scroll! :la:
Tue Jul 14, 2015, 2:40 AM
Yay for shout boxes! \^o^/
Wed Jul 8, 2015, 3:45 PM
Fri Apr 24, 2015, 11:26 AM
Incoming commissions this March 2nd!
Sat Feb 28, 2015, 9:42 AM
:huggle: :heart:
Wed Jan 21, 2015, 3:28 PM



current missions

current missions

blue presentation
price list scroll
Tutorial Blues 2013 by StormFedeR< EASY TO FOLLOW TUTORIAL!

white presentation

stamp : Requests CLOSED by Kintsy
Tutorial Whites 2013 by StormFedeR < EASY TO FOLLOW TUTORIAL!

//Ninja BLACK scrolls//: MY DRAWINGS
:bulletblack: This are drawings I draw for myself.

//Ninja ORANGE featuring scroll//: FEATURES
:bulletorange: When this journal appears post a link -or thumbnumber- of a deviation of yours.
If there are slots available you may win a feature for the entire month.

stormfeder search


"Destiny whispered the warrior:
-You can't bear the storm.
and the warrior responded:

Ninja Blue scrolls (update)

Sun Feb 7, 2016, 7:19 AM


        Facebook by Th3EmOo
          Tumblr by Th3EmOo stormfeder :magnify:
            Blogger by Th3EmOo stormtemple:magnify:
              _ ____________________________ _

Yes, you are guessing right. I'm in a BOSS BATTLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! but doing great, just.. I'll take it all through with a single swing of ma' sword. :katana:
My manga pages are piling up, I got to compile them in pdf files like someone suggested me, but then where could I upload them?... I need a personal page but don't have time to build myself one nor spare money to pay somebody do it for me... maybe some free web builder? I just want something simple but not too crappy looking. (COMMENT if you have any suggestions on this)
stormfeder search
Ma' people, don't stick your finger in the "PLEASE DRAW ME SOMETHING FOR FREE" button, it's not gonna work! I'll raffle a free commission mid-way through the campaign but that's it! I'm making a living out of this so can't spare a dime more.

Btw: Features updated at the bottom of the journal, check those up and give em some love!

I'm back to work *smoke bomb*


Meanwhile, many of you have asked if could purchase my dakimakuras somehow.
Well after some time I finally decided to make a partnership with 

and put in sale my FAN ART* related dakis. Here you can find mine (by searching stormfeder)
stormfeder search
*OC related dakis I have to ask permission from the owners.

Some of my commissioners already used this service to have their commissioned dakis printed and shipped their way.
I'm in touch with the crew and they seem very professional. 

Mind that this platform (animedakimakurapillow) is the ONLY ONE allowed to sell my dakimakura prints
so don't purchase them from anywhere else because those might be traced versions of my work. (it happened before)


So now you can find them there, recommend it to friends who may like the subject. I get a lil % of the sales and that helps me to keep providing you with my art.


New watchers welcome, this journal has all the info you need if you read it trough,
but if you still get any doubts feel free to ask. Thanks for faving too! :+fav:

< Add a character from this list and save $5 on your buy>
< white scroll winners can add 1 for free!>
:flame:(updated JANUARY '16):flame:

:heart: Shidare Hotaru (Dagashi kashi):flame:
:heart: Hinata (Naruto):flame:
:heart: Shiraki Meiko (Prison school):flame:
:heart: Miia / Suu (Monster musume):flame:
:heart: Gogo (Big hero 6):flame:
:heart: Suguha (Sword art online):flame:
:heart: Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid):flame:
:heart: Gardevoir / Joy (Pokemon):flame:
:heart: Starfire (Teen titans)
:heart: Morrigan / Hsien ko (Dark Stalkers)
:heart: Nami / Robin (One Piece)
:heart: Hestia (Danmachi)

I know some are very seen... but you haven't seen them Storm-style ;)

:bulletblue: JANUARY 2016 CAMPAIGN :bulletblue:

1):bulletblue::iconr-legend::star:100% Complete! by SimplySilent "The exclusive"
2):bulletblue::iconsamuelleumas::star:100% Complete! by SimplySilent "Suguha Kirigaya"
3):bulletblue::iconrisrupio::star:100% Complete! by SimplySilent "Gardevoir"
4):bulletblue::icontori5::star:100% Complete! by SimplySilent "Kon'i page"
5):bulletblue::iconkopako73::star:100% Complete! by SimplySilent "Yoruichi daki"
6):bulletblue::iconbohemianincubus96::star:100% Complete! by SimplySilent "Channel fantasy"
7):bulletblue::icongjt0530::star:75% Complete by SimplySilentStormfeder by Angelique87
8):bulletblue::iconhiddenlotus555::star:0% Complete by SimplySilent
9):bulletblue::iconflashydragon::star:0% Complete by SimplySilent
10):bulletblue::iconozzhiroth::star:0% Complete by SimplySilent
11):bulletblue::iconjkrolak::star:0% Complete by SimplySilent
12):bulletblue::iconfatefaker::star:0% Complete by SimplySilent
13):bulletblue::icondj-mara::star:0% Complete by SimplySilent
14):bulletblue::iconsailorrob::star:0% Complete by SimplySilent
15):bulletblue::icondrak-zul::star:0% Complete by SimplySilent
16):bulletblue::iconkonaluxioplz::star:0% Complete by SimplySilent

Stormfeder by Angelique87 commission in progress

0% Complete by SimplySilent not started
25% Complete by SimplySilent pencil drawing phase
50% Complete by SimplySilent digital lineart phase
75% Complete by SimplySilent digital colour phase
100% Complete! by SimplySilent final details
100% Complete! by SimplySilent Mission complete!!!
100% Complete! by SimplySilent commission on hold
:bulletred: manga page - turns to :bulletgreen: when done.
:bulletyellow: self-reminder
:star: commission fully paid (secured)
:iconkonaluxioplz: PRIVATE COMMISSIONER*
(each get a different face like this one)

=If you want to stay anonymus let me know beforehand
and I'll asign you a random "plz-account" icon to display.=


:iconmistressnoire:Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #4 by MistressNoire :iconplantress:PG - (Winter Season) Silent Night by Plantress
:iconprywinko:Come to play? by Prywinko :iconbob-warden: Fairy Lilies Lucy x ErzaThe guild of Fairy Tail was as lively as usual. The mages of the guild were enjoying their morning, chatting with each other loudly, with a drink in their hands, or trying to decide which mission they would take for the day, while other patrons had simply decided to visit the town's favorite guild and have a good time. A certain member of the guild however, was not feeling very lively.
"Why did you guys had to drag me to the guild so early? I wanted to lie down a little more" Lucy said as she leaned on her hands.
"Come on, Lucy, it's a nice day! Besides, I thought you enjoyed being in the guild" Natsu said, as he folded his arms.
"Of course I am! You know I love being in the guild, Natsu. I just wanted to spend some more time in my bed. Before you crashed in my place again, that is" Lucy said with a yawn.
"Lucy, you are such a sleepy head" Happy said, munching a fish.
"Well, we are here now. Do you want me to get you anything from the bar?" Natsu said, as he got up.
"Just some tea will

:iconjkrolak:Don't you just hate it when this happens by jkrolak :icondestroxxiv: How It Should Have End-Did feat Chun-Li: Ch. 1
DISCLAIMER: The following story contains BDSM, acts of consensual and non-consensual sexual elements. It is intended to be a fantasy, This author does not condone any realistic depictions of any of these acts, whatsoever. This work is fiction and it should be treated as such. The only time acting out on such activities is deemed appropriate is when it is imitation only in the form of role play with an open and consensual partner honestly and without any coercion whatsoever.  Once again, this author does not condone any real life violence against women, or anyone else for that matter
How It Should have End-Did feat Chun-Li (Street Figher Unlimited) Ch. 1
There are those days...You know the ones.  
The days where nothing goes your way, and everything that can possibly go wrong does go wrong. The days where you can almost see the rain cloud over your head; constantly following you around and raining on a

    Saggy OC by Angelique87 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!


StormFedeR's Profile Picture
FedeR Gangemi
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Born in Argentina Flag by StampsLikeCrazy several decades ago, the storm ninja Feder started drawing all by himself to fight boredom.
With time he got handy at it, and began teaching some and turning his style more and more into anime, which always has been his favourite kind.
Today lives in Mexico, but you from anywhere in the world can see, buy and try to get for free some of his most recent works in this fabulous place that is Deviantart.

Did you know? :lightbulb: 

36 deviants said :iconpervyerzaplz:
11 deviants said Get FAN ART dakimakura PRINTS from…
3 deviants said :iconpervygrayplz:


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For the brief time that Facebook post was up, first try was OPPAI (and by extension, that one act concerning them). NO SURPRISE HERE. ;p
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notice me senpai!!!
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Me encanta tu arte, muy detallado y bien trabajado!  Espero que este 2016 te traiga muchos éxitos!!

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¡Caramba, no se como no me había tropezado antes con tu página!

Tus dibujos son excelentes y tus chicas... bueno... Love  Tienes tantos trabajos en tu galería que creo que voy a necesitar un buen rato para revisarlo todo.

¡Feliz y próspero 2016!
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hey i have a comission question, can one use a blue scroll for sketches?
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